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Two-Sample Test Report
Dataset                   Untitled
Variable                  nilai
Mann-Whitney U or Wilcoxon Rank-Sum Test for Difference in Location
                                    Mann                     W                     Mean                Std Dev
Variable                        Whitney U             Sum Ranks       of W                 of W
kode=1                         73.5                       139.5                121                   14.16863
kode=2                         36.5                       91.5                  110                   14.16863
Number Sets of Ties = 4,   Multiplicity Factor = 42
                        Exact Probability*         Approx. Without Correction               Approx. With Correction
Alternative     Prob           Reject H0                       Prob           Reject H0                       Prob           Reject H0
Hypothesis     Level          (α = 0.050)    Z-Value      Level          (α = 0.050)   Z-Value       Level          (α = 0.050)
Diff ≠ 0                                                -1.3057       0.191654     No               -1.2704        0.203938     No
*Exact probabilities are given only when there are no ties and the sample sizes in both groups are ≤ 20.
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